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Press Release Bucharest, Wednesday 13 March 2019
Online Publication
Contemporary Literature Press,
under The University of Bucharest, in conjunction with The British Council, The Romanian Cultural Institute and The Writers' Union of Romania

Announces the publication of

Steve Rushton

Notes (on comparing English Translations
by Christopher Marlowe and John Dryden
from Ovid's Amores 1.1, 1.4 & 2.19)
Edited by Lidia Vianu
ISBN 978-606-760-179-4

            Prompted by the two thousandth anniversary of Ovid's death, this book traces a line from Ancient Rome via renaissance and restoration London to a present day interpretation of cultural history. Part poetry collection, part research project, written with wit appropriate to its subject by an author presenting himself as both challenging and playful, Notes... entertains, informs, and provokes, and is beautifully illustrated by the author's colourful abstract paintings.

Steve Rushton's Notes is formally launched on Wednesday 13 March 2019. The book is available for consultation and downloading on receipt of this Press Release, at the following internet address:

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